Vice Chairman’s Message



Vice Chairman

I am over joyed to share with you the exhilaration that is in the air at the PSN Institute of Technology and Science.These are historic times for entire College as we are moving towards the next level. We are ambitiously expanding to help answer the country’s call for more employable Engineering graduates every year. At the same time, the PSNITS is leading on making higher education affordable and accessible for all. Recent visit by NAAC PEER Team and their Assessment, Tie-up with international universities and corporate companies boost up our endeavours in transforming the juveniles into fitting technocrats with technical prowess.This site will certainly take you to the various realms of PSNITS and help visualize the accomplished pinnacles.According to William S. Burroughs, the aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values. So is the aim of PSNITS and at PSNITS we provide platforms for our students to “think big and dream bigger”