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of Computer Science &


Our Vision

To provide quality technical education and develop professionals imparting human values, employ-ability, entrepreneurship and research capabilities, to meet the challenges in the globalized technological society

Our Mission

To enrich the students knowledge across the subjects areas of computer science and engineering.

  • To prepare students for careers in industry, encourage entrepreneurship and mould them to take leadership for the betterment of the society
  • To impart effective capabilities for the development of quality technical manpower to meet the real world challenges


About Computer Science & Engineering

          Computer science is at the intellectual forefront of the digital revolution that will define the 21st century. In the last three decades, Computer science has grown from a somewhat obscure academic discipline into one of the driving forces of technological advance. Contrary to popular belief, the job market in computer science is robust and growing. Over the next several decades, computer scientists will continue to reshape the world in which we live.The jobs of tomorrow will use technologies not yet invented. Many of the software and hardware tools that enable these technologies are being invented by Computer Professionals. Such innovation requires dedication to learning, in the classroom, in the research laboratory, and throughout one’s professional career.

          The Department of Computer Science at PSNITS, offers a unique educational opportunity for students to achieve excellence through classes, rigorous practical sessions and participation in research. Our course gives skills essential to practicing engineering professionals it is also an objective to provide experience in leadership, management, planning, and organization. And finally, an objective is to pass on to our students our passion for what we do, and to have the students comprehend that we also desire to continue to learn.

Laboratory - OS, Software's and Database's

OS – Operating System

1. WinSL 8.1 SNGL OLP NL Academic Legalization GetGenuine (25Nos)
2. WinSL 8.1 SNGL OLP NL Academic Legalization GetGenuine (128Nos)
3. Microsoft Windows STR Base SNGL OLP NL Academic Legalization Get Genuine – GJC-00378 (150 Nos)
4. Microsoft Windows Home Basic 7 SNGL AE OLP NL LEG (25 Nos)
5. Red hat Linux 7


1. Math CAD 11.0
2. Mathematical Ver.4.1 on Win 95/98/2000/NT Single User Node Locked License Add on module – Wavelet Explorer,
Fuzzy logic, Signals & Systems Pack IDL Ver.5.5 on Win 95/98/2000/NT Single User Node Locked License,
IDL Wavelet Tool kit
3. Adobe Photoshop 6.0
4. Macromedia Web Design Studio 4.0 Win AP Eng Full, Dream weaver 4.0, Fireworks 4.0,Flash 5.0, Free Hand 10.0
5. Oracle8i Enterprise Edition
6. SYBASE System 11
7. ORACLE 7.3 Workgroup server
Power Builder 5.0 Enterprise
8. Corel Ventura 4.2


Oracle Academy (200 License)

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