Welcome to Department of
Electrical and Electronics


Our Vision

The department will strive and achieve global recognition as a Centre of Excellence for engineering education.This distinguished education will enable the graduates to appreciate the need for the technological, economic & social enrichment of the nation in particular and the world at large.

Our Mission

Electrical and Electronics engineering programme will provide quality under graduate education following outcome based education model, besides promoting ethical and social values.

Program Outcomes

  • Ability to understand and apply differential equations, integrals, matrix theory, probability theory and Laplace, Fourier and Z transformations for engineering problems
  • Ability to understand and apply basic science, circuit theory, Electro-magnetic field theory, control theory and apply them to electrical engineering problems
  • Ability to model and analyze electrical apparatus and their application to power system
  • Ability to understand and analyze power system operation, stability, control and protection
  • Ability to handle the engineering aspects of electrical energy generation and utilization
  • Ability to understand and analyse, linear and digital electronic circuits
  • Ability to review, prepare and present technological developments
  • Ability to form a group and develop or solve engineering hardware and problems
  • To understand and apply computing platform and software for engineering problems
  • To understand ethical issues, environmental impact and acquire management skills


  • Mastery of basic skills such as subject knowledge, critical thinking, analytical solving, written and oral communication
  • Provide the technology, infrastructure and facilities to support teaching and learning
  • Support continuous professional development for faculty and staff
  • Serve the students by teaching them leadership and teamwork skills and the value of commitment to equality, ethical behavior, society and respect for one another
  • To educate the students to work for the excellence

Name of the Laboratory

                  Electrical Machines I
                  Electrical Machines II
                 Power Electronics Lab
                 Power Simulation Lab
                 Electrical Workshop