Welcome to Department of
Mechanical and Automation


Our Vision

The department of mechanical engineering endeavours to be a recognized knowledge centre for quality education and research by producing competent and creative engineers to meet the global challenge

Our Mission

  • To impart knowledge by providing effective means of learning and facilitate personal commitment for productive careers globally
  • To provide students and faculty members with opportunities for creative thinking, interpretation, application and knowledge dissemination
  • To inculcate life-long learning, human values and entrepreneurship culture in the fields of engineering design, thermal, manufacturing, automation etc
  • To link with industries and institutions for mutual benefit

About Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

            Mechanical and Automation Engineers are mainly focus on designing and manufacturing of machines. Engineers design and assemble engines and power plants, structures and vehicles of all sizes and deals with use of machines, control systems and information technologies. The future of Mechanical and automation engineering certainly offers a variety of opportunities for professionals entering the field.

Name of the Laboratory

One fourth
1 Metrology Lab
2 CAD / CAM Lab
3 Dynamics Lab
4 Fitting
5 Carpentry
6 Smithy Shop
7 Foundry Shop
8 Welding Shop
9 Machine Shop
10 Thermal Lab I
11 Thermal Lab II
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